write-zip documentation example incorrect

PS> dir c:\logs\ -rec -inc *.log | write-zip -level 9 -removeoriginal | move-item c:\archived_logs\ there is no -removeorigional option

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Mode column in FileSystem formats has a width of 5, but column data is 6 causing line to wrap

The default width for the mode column is 5, so whenever I dir the mode column wraps for each line causing very ugly output. This is very easy to change, but I have noticed that many others who are...

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Small typo in GetFileTail.xml

In the "DetailedDescription" we see: "This implentation efficiently tails the cotents of a file" which should be: This implentation efficiently tails the contents of a file

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Installing PSCX 3.2.0 removes My Documents modules path from $env:PSModulePath

This has broken all of my custom modules (PowerTab and some homebrew ones) that were installed in <MyDocuments>\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\

Id #43438 | Release: None | Updated: Jun 17, 2016 at 5:00 AM by r_keith_hill | Created: Jun 16, 2016 at 11:33 AM by 13xforever

Invoke-Elevated doesn't close shell, even when passing exit

The invoke-elevated help has this example: C:\PS>Invoke-Elevated {gci c:\windows\temp | export-clixml tempdir.xml; exit} Executes the scriptblock in an elevated PowerShell instance. I find th...

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Show-Tree: allow non-ASCII mode on other codepages

I am on a German Windows installation and no matter what I do (useAsciiArt on or off), I always get ASCII art output like |--CHANGELOG.md |--ender.js |--LICENSE |--moment.js |--package.js |--packag...

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Error in PSCX since yesterdays Windows update: The 'Invoke-BatchFile' command was found in the module 'Pscx', but the module could not be loaded.

Since yesterdays Windows updates, it's not possible to invoke CmdLets from PSCX. Here is the complete error message for the Invoke-BatchFile CmdLet: C:\Users\Paebbels> Invoke-BatchFile writeError...

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Import-VisualStudioVars does not support VS 2015

As of PSCX 3.2.0, Import-VisualStudioVars does not support VS 2015. Looking at the params, 2015 is not specified. [Parameter(Mandatory = $true, Position = 0)] [ValidateSet('90', '2008', '100', '201...

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MSI cannot be exec without admin rights....

Hi there. Could somebody please make an xcopy deployment bundle out of this? Problem being that some shops have very strict software installation policies and they either make people wait for a pr...

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List of cmdlets on CodePlex

This may be a silly gripe, but what the heck. I'd like to suggest that someone place a list of cmdlets and other PSCX goodness on the 'Documentation' page of the CodePlex website. That will (hopef...

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