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File System commands


  • Set-FileTime (a.k.a touch) - Sets a file or folder's created and last accessed/write times.
  • Get-Hash - Gets the hash value for the specified file or byte array via the pipeline.
  • New-Shortcut - Creates shell shortcuts.
  • Get-ShortPath - Gets the short, 8.3 name for the given path.
  • Set-VolumeLabel - Modifies the label shown in Windows Explorer for a particular disk volume.
  • ConvertTo-WindowsLineEnding - Converts the line endings in the specified file to Windows line endings "\r\n".

Archive files

  • Write-GZip - Create GNU ZIP (GZIP) format files from pipeline or parameter input.
  • Write-Tar - Create Tape Archive (TAR) format files from pipeline or parameter input.
  • Write-Zip - Create ZIP format archive files from pipline or parameter input.

New for Windows Vista

NTFS advanced features.

  • New-Hardlink - Creates filesystem hard links.
  • New-Junction - Creates NTFS directory junctions.
  • Get-MountPoint - Returns all mount points defined for a specific root path.
  • Remove-MountPoint - Removes a mount point, dismounting the current media if any. If used against the root of a fixed drive, removes the drive letter assignment.
  • Get-ReparsePoint - Gets NTFS reparse point data.
  • Remove-ReparsePoint - Removes NTFS reparse junctions and symbolic links.

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