Write-Zip Format Issue with Open Document Format

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Sep 2, 2013 at 9:38 AM

i am playing with the ODF Format which is supported by Microsoft Office. An *.odt file is a zip file, its structure is documented in the ODF specification. I am using the powershell 3 environment with PSCX Extensions. Write-Zip ist part of PSCX. I have learned from a Discussion at StackOverflow, that Write-Zip uses 7-zip under the hood.

This is my issue: I create a file document.odt in MS Word (2010 or 2013). I create a new, empty folder and do an expand-archive in this folder. Immediatly after that, without changing anything, i create a document from this content using write-zip. I would expect this to be a copy of the original file. However, whe i try to open this new file, both Microsoft office and LibreOffice complain about unspecific Errors. Microsoft offers an repair Option, and this works reaonably.

Doing the same thing with the 7-zip command line leads to a document which can be read by Word as well as LibreOffice without any errors.

I have opened both of the created archive files and compared structure and content, but i can't see any difference at all.

Im am using 7-zip and Write-Zip without any further options. Any Ideas?

Frank Steimke