Will the next version of PSCX provide online-help

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Oct 26, 2007 at 10:22 PM
While I've not tried every function or cmdlet it looks to me that while the Cmdlets do provide online help none of the functions other than DirX do. How are you supposed to use these functions if you don't know what the options are or how to use them?
Oct 27, 2007 at 6:27 AM
The only PowerShell supported help for functions would be about_ topics. We can consider doing that although all of the functions are minimally documented in about_pscx. Also most function support usage:

43> dirx -?
Usage: dirx [[-path] <string[]>] [[-filter] <string[]>] [[-force] <switch>] [[-recurse] <switch>] [[-first] <int>] [[-l
ast] <int>] [[-where] <scriptblock>] [[-sort] <object[]>] [[-setAttr] <string[]>] [[-unsetAttr] <string[]>] [[-desc] <s
witch>] [[-combine] <switch>] [[-wide] <switch>][[-errorVariable] <string>] [[-outputVariable] <string>]
    -path      : Path(s) to operate on
    -filter    : Provider specific filter string that qualifies path parameter
    -force     : Force display of hidden items
    -recurse   : Operate recursively on path contents
    -first     : Display only the first specified number of items
    -last      : Display only the last specified number of items
    -combine   : Combine output of multiple paths into a single stream
    -where     : Filter scriptblock to apply to the output
    -sort      : Sort property name(s) or hashtable to apply to output
    -desc      : Modifies the sort parameter to sort in descending order
    -setAttr   : Filter items by those that have the specified attrs set
    -unsetAttr : Filter items by those that have the specified attrs not set
    -wide      : Display directory output in wide format
    -?         : Display this usage information
The possible enumeration values for setAttr and unsetAttr are:
    ReadOnly, Hidden, System, Directory, Archive, Device, Normal, Temporary,
    SparseFile, ReparsePoint, Compressed, Offline, NotContentIndexed, Encrypted