Error Importing PSCX Module within another host.

Hi, The PowerShell Community Extensions is designed to work just in the PowerShell console? Currently I'm having an issue trying to execute the import module of PSCX within another host.

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write-zip from PSCX 3.0 - generated zip not compatible w/ Windows XP

Hi, Our users still with Windows XP have trouble opening .zip file created with write-zip by PSCX versions above 2.0 . Has this been seen before, and if so, fixed? As much as we'd like to up...

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WMI Issue Importing PSCX on Powershell v3

Dear All, I'm trying to import the PSCX module on Powershell v3 but I'm receiving the following issue(this is happening the first time when I'm openning Powershell console) If I repeat the same c...

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Module won't import without full path

I have added "C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerShell Community Extensions\Pscx3\Pscx\" to my persistent PSModule variable but I am still unable to load the module using "Import-Module Pscx". If I use t...

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Get-TypeName writes to host!?

It seems like Get-TypeName is writing to the host output, rather than the default output. For example: $a = Get-TypeName 3 Prints 'Int32' to the screen, rather than assigning it to the variable...

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Provide zip file for xcopy deploy in addition to msi

Continue to provide a zip file for those who prefer the xcopy deployment style for these extensions. While the msi is convenient in many cases, some setups prefer not to have things installed and ...

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Error Importing pcsx in profile on windows 8.1 (PS 4)

Before an update to Windows 8.1 I could access the $Pscx variable from my powershell profile. After I cannot. So I try Import-Module pscx in my profile and get the following error The property 'G...

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Files created with Write-Zip not extractable on a mac

I created a zip file with Write-Zip -path . -outputpath c:/temp/ anybody on a mac is having a lot of difficulty opening it: (10:57:40 AM) Coworker 1: When I tried to unzip it...

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New-Junction Parameter Aliases are wrong

When you want to use new-junction to link a bunch of folders, you want to do something like this: cd C:\Where\We\Want\Junctions ls C:\Place\Where\Targets\Are -Dir | New-Junction # Or maybe this:...

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Paths with Spaces when using Invoke-Elevated

Hi there, When I use Invoke-Elevated (from PSCX 2.1.1) like this: su dir 'C:\Program Files' The launched process gives the following error: Get-ChildItem : Cannot find path 'C:\Program' because i...

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