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Installing PSCX 3.2.0 removes My Documents modules path from $env:PSModulePath


This has broken all of my custom modules (PowerTab and some homebrew ones) that were installed in <MyDocuments>\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\


r_keith_hill wrote Jun 17, 2016 at 5:00 AM

If you can move to WMF 5 or can install the package manager for WMF3 or 4, I would recommend that you install from the PowerShell Gallery using "Install-Module Pscx -Scope CurrentUser". In the future, we will no longer be distributing MSI installers for reasons such as this. Most of the time the WiX installer works correctly and only appends the PSCX path to PSModulePath. But then every so often, it misbehaves. Anyway, the Install-Module command is very reliable/safe in this regard.