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write-zip from PSCX 3.0 - generated zip not compatible w/ Windows XP



Our users still with Windows XP have trouble opening .zip file created with write-zip by PSCX versions above 2.0 .

Has this been seen before, and if so, fixed? As much as we'd like to upgrade to the latest PSCX 3, the zip files generated by it look like would be corrupted to Windows XP stations.

In the meantime as a temporary solution, I can't see version 2.0 available anymore for download. I guess a straight copy of the /modules directory I've got under my own /WindowsPowerShell work station, to the /WindowsPowerShell of another work station won't be enough, right?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


r_keith_hill wrote Mar 11, 2014 at 1:42 PM

Yes, copying the file under your modules directory should work just fine. On Windows XP, what tool are they using to open the ZIP? PSCX?

Etincelle wrote Mar 11, 2014 at 10:47 PM

Thank you for your answer. OK good we're doing this and permuting WS and PSCX versions combinations with my work colleague to see if, some underlying components that PSCX may rely on, could be the explanation. So with work stations A and B we're testing combinations:
A 2.0
A 2.1
B 2.0
B 2.1

Our users are just double-clicking these .zip files from really standard, home Windows XP machines. They are agnostic of PSCX .

I'm testing here on left-over XP installations, and from the Windows Explorer (built-in or official Windows add-on for PC Explorer, not a downloaded PKzip or equivalent commercial product) ability to read a .zip file.

It never misses, double-clicking the PSCX 2.0 generated zip and all functions like a charm!
Doing the same from a PSCX 2.1 or above, and although Windows Explorer sees and lists the individual files comprised in the zip, when you double-click, nothing happens.. It briefly revs then aborts.

The file sizes are the same, but a binary md5sum made from Linux, shows different check sums, so yes the files are definitely generated differently, and our (external, Web users with) Windows XP choke on anything generated by a PSCX versions older than 2.0

If it's ever useful, here's the command in our .ps1 :

Write-Zip -level 9 -FlattenPaths -Quiet -Literalpath $csvpath -OutputPath $sectionzipfile