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Powershell Community Extensions (PSCX)

PowerShell Community Extensions is a PowerShell Snapin that provides a number of widely useful cmdlets. PSCX is not affiliated with Microsoft or the Windows PowerShell team at Microsoft. We are a few (at the moment) passionate PowerShell users who wanted more cmdlets than Microsoft was able to deliver in v1.0. So we have taken it upon ourselves to create some of those cmdlets and make them available to the community.

PSCX Areas

PSCX contains functionality across a wide varieties of areas. The links give you a feeling for the types of functionality available, and a place to add overview level documentation. Referene documenation is available at the PowerShell command line once you have installed PSCX.
  • Active Directory features allow for searching and manipulating information stored in Active Directory domain controllers
  • Clipboard features give the PowerShell user access to the windows clipboard
  • File System commands for manipulating files, archives, hardlinks, mount points, and even Vista symlinks.
  • Network commands: Ping, etc.
  • .NET Assembly tools:
  • ...

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