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PSCX 1.0 Features

The basic solution is checked in and builds and installs. Note that in the Debug configuration the Setup project doesn't build by default (just right click on it to build or build the Release configuration). The setup project installs the PsCx.Snapin.dll along with an incomplete PsCx.Snapin.dll-Help.xml file into $env:PscxHome dir as well as some handy PowerShell scripts including a prompt function, replacement CD function and a starter profile into the $env:PscxHome\Scripts dir. The installer also creates "Open PowerShell Here" context menu entries for Windows Explorer on drives and folders and associates a cool icon with PowerShell Script files.


I'm also providing a type name for .ps1 files which is "Windows PowerShell Script". Not sure why the team hasn't done this. FYI, while the installer runs the equivalent of installutil on the snapin, the end user still has to manually add the snapin after install using the command:

PoSH C:\> Add-PSSnapin Pscx

Alternately you can execute the following command to get a basic Profile.ps1 script that will pull in various utility aliases, functions and filters as well as the PSXC snapin:

Copy-Item "$env:PscxHome\Scripts\Profile.ps1" (Split-Path $Profile -Parent)

Note: This step isn't required if you let the PSCX Setup install the shared profile script.

After executing that command you should have access to the following CMDLETS:
  • Get-Clipboard
  • Out-Clipboard
  • Write-Clipboard
  • ConvertTo-Base64
  • ConvertFrom-Base64
  • ConvertTo-MacOs9LineEnding
  • ConvertTo-UnixLineEnding
  • ConvertTo-WindowsLineEnding
  • Join-String
  • Split-String
  • Format-Xml
  • Format-Hex
  • Convert-Xml (xslt transform)
  • Test-Xml
  • Set-FileDate (touch)
  • Start-Process (can specify alternate verbs using -Verb param)
  • Get-CmdletMaml
  • Get-Hash
  • Get-ShortPath

PSCX Defined Aliases

?:      - aliased to Invoke-Ternary
??      - aliased to Invoke-NullAlt
adl     - aliased to Add-DirectoryLength
asp     - aliased to Add-ShortPath
apropos - aliased to Get-HelpMatch
bp      - aliased to Set-Breakpoint
cvxml   - aliased to Convert-Xml
dbp     - aliased to Disable-Breakpoints
e       - aliased to Edit-File
ebp     - aliased to Enable-Breakpoints
eghp    - aliased to Edit-GlobalHostProfile
egp     - aliased to Edit-GlobalProfile
ehp     - aliased to Edit-HostProfile
ep      - aliased to Edit-Profile
ephy    - aliased to Export-History
fxml    - aliased to Format-Xml
galpscx - aliased to Get-AliasPscx
gcb     - aliased to Get-Clipboard
ghm     - aliased to Get-HelpMatch
gpv     - aliased to Get-PropertyValue
gsp     - aliased to Get-ShortPath
gtn     - aliased to Get-TypeName
gvs     - aliased to Get-VariableSorted
iphy    - aliased to Import-History
ln      - aliased to New-HardLink
mail    - aliased to Send-SmtpMail
measure - aliased to Measure-Object
new     - aliased to New-Object
ocb     - aliased to Out-Clipboard
ra      - aliased to Remove-Accessors
rver    - aliased to Resolve-Error
saps    - aliased to Start-Process
skbp    - aliased to Skip-Breakpoints
sprdp   - aliased to Stop-RemoteDesktop
sro     - aliased to Set-ReadOnly
ss      - aliased to Select-String
start   - aliased to Start-Process
swr     - aliased to Set-Writable
touch   - aliased to Set-FileTime    

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