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Active Directory features

PSCX includes functionality that allows access and manipulation of information stored in Active Directory information stores.
  • Get-ADObject - performs searches for objects in Active Directory
  • Get-DomainController - gets a list of available domain controller in the current forest/domain.
  • Get-DhcpServer - gets all authorized DHCP server from the Active Directory Forest.
  • DirectoryServices Provider - provides access to information in LDAP servers (including Active Directory) using a navigable drive-like mechanism.


Retrieve all Active Directory objects with a common name (cn) starting with "srv"
get-adobject -filter cn=srv*

Retrieve user(s) named John Smith
get-adobject -class user -filter "cn=John Smith" 

Retrieve all computer objects with a common name (cn) starting with "srv"
get-adobject -class computer -filter cn=srv*

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