I would like ask for the little assistance relating to POWERSHELL-Request for help

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Oct 1, 2016 at 12:23 PM
                                   I welcome
As a novice Administrator I would like to ask a few questions:
I would like to know If there are other types of configurations that can be applied by firewall iptables in GNU/linux for added security.
Whether there is the possibility to apply the Similar configuration in relation to the firewall windows?
I know that windows firewall can be circumvented But walks to me about correcting of the present state Security as also comfort.

would like to ask exists some material whether whence thanks to which I could learn how by means of NetFirewallRule in PowerShell.
I would want to ask where I could find some kind material or other source from which to I could find out how by means of NetFirewallRule perform such configurations through the PowerShell.
In the sense of in what way should to write, I mean the rules for the programs and the connections.
Besides I would like to to ask for clarification of several of additional questions with from this topic:

Namely, whether If the I possess external firewall windows type SpyShelter This the built in firewall will be automatically disconnected?
It built in firewall automatically will be disconnected?
Whether however still remains vulnerable to attack?
I also would like to ask whether they are some additional free materials/Videocasty for this type of educational platform:Udemy,Khan Academy,VirtualMicrosoftAcademy,coursera,Virtual Study.
On theme this type of administration with the participation of PowerShell'a?

since Recently, I learn Administration with the participation of PowerShellu However, very quickly assimilate knowledge in this topic and I would like get to know its greater opportunities because the work in him seems to be cool.