Move all Pscx prefixed variables into single Pscx object

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Jun 27, 2007 at 4:14 PM
To reduce the impact on the end user's global PoSh environment, let's move all Pscx* variables into a single object. We can use add-member to add the properties to the Pscx project. In this scenario you would access the variables like so:


There are a few non Pscx prefixed variables that we will need to decide what to do with. I think most of them have value and should stay (ProfileDir and RegexLib). The NT* variables should be renamed Windows* IMO (WindowsIdentity, etc to better match their .NET types). I'm also considering removing $Shell unless someone has a strong reason not to.

I have already submitted this in work item tracking. You can comment on this proposal either here or on the work item itself: